Obama Tees It Up Before His Big 60th Birthday Bash

Who Doesn’t Love to Get Some Strokes in Before a Big Party?

The former POTUS was out playing a round of golf Saturday on Martha’s Vineyard with his buddies, not too far from where his big bday shindig was held later that night. This made primetime news after the invite list was said to be over 500 guests.

Obama later stated that the party would be “scaled down” to include only close family and friends. So maybe more like 350 FOPOTUS (Friends & Family of POTUS).

We know the pre-party balls & bogeys walkabout along with the big event bugged out some folks, but let the man enjoy a round of golf and a few toasts with friends, family, and 20 Secret Service agents.

“Hey Jimmy, toss me a White Claw and watch my back!”

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