Cantlay is Cool as Ice (Patty)

Cantlay lived up to his burgeoning Patty Ice nickname and more today at his Tour Championship presser. Here were our three favorite takeaways:

  1. He stood up for Bryson and said that heckling sucks – which it does. He also said that Bryson’s actions on social media helped to fuel the heckling. Which they did. So basically: Chill on the socials — and dumb-butts will be less likely to yell at you when they’re drunk.
  2. Asked if his long answer on Bryson and heckling and social media was scripted, he retorted, “I’m looking around here. I don’t see any prompters.” He delivered that response quicker than his backswing. Icey.
  3. He said he’d give back to the fans all of the PIP (Player Impact Program for Famous PGA Players) he wins. He also said he wasn’t banking on winning any. His modestly should be worth at least $50k.

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