Cool Friday Night — Chamblee rips Hoffman for ripping the USGA and PGA TOUR

“The idiots are coming, the idiots are coming” – and they’re out making noise tonight.

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Wowzer. Taking on the USGA and PGA TOUR in one brazen (likely liquor-induced) social media diatribe.

He should be mostly pissed at himself for: 1) hitting his ball in the water in the first place; 2) for possibly thinking the Saudi League would extend to him an invite to join their highly funded charade.

At least Phil and Bryson are supportive. They’re super level-headed and not $$$ grubby. Two peas in a pod there boys.
Here comes the cavalry…

Hoffman needs to chill, and the idea of the Saudi League needs to disappear along with Greg Norman.

For the love of the game: Please, can we just get back to focusing on the Majors and the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cup. Professional golf traditions and legacies that matter.

The Saudi League wants to discard the traditions in the name of greed and power. Please, no.

Craziest part of tonight’s stories and countless online opines…Chamblee is right. And I’m actually ok with that. At least for tonight.

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