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Who doesn’t love to hit bombs? Especially bombs that fly by your playing partners and end up in the fairway?

When I hit 45, I started to lose speed. And with that, I lost an edge that I always had on nearly every competitor I teed it up against — my distance off of the tee.

Sure, new driver tech had something to do with the masses inching closer to my length, but the real culprits were a decrease in my flexibility and the overall speed I had, especially with the longer, heavier clubs in my bag.

I even tried lighter shafts to regain speed, but that didn’t really help me recoup my distance advantage. So my coach, Gavin Witzer, PGA, recommended I try out SuperSpeed. He swore by the methodology and the swing aid system.

I “trained’ for a few months and I saw my speed pick up. With the added speed I felt like I could still rip it close to the distance I was hitting it in my mid-30’s without having to jump on it. The confidence I picked up was key!

So now I’m a believer in SuperSpeed.

A little more background into SuperSpeed: They developed golf’s #1 overspeed training system. Like me, you can gain upwards of 20 yards off the tee by increasing your swing speed. Obviously, the distance gain will vary from player to player, but I think you get it.

You’ll also gain length with other clubs throughout your bag. Again, confidence is key. Instead of having to rip a 7-iron, I can now swing smoothly with an 8, with some distance outcome. Swinging hard(er) never leads to straighter, crisper shots. Or, at least almost never does unless you’re a plus-something handicap.

From what I’ve read about the system it’s been used by over 700 tour players. Countless top 100 PGA golf coaches around the world recommend SuperSpeed to their students too…so you know it’s legit. Just peruse their Instagram. You’ll see the gear in action.

We’ve tested. We approve. We highly recommend.

Needless to say you’re never going to crank it out there like Bryson or Brooks, but both of those guys have had surgery in the last 12 mos., so it’s ok to shoot for a 270-300 yard drive sweet spot and not tear your body up trying to win long drive competitions fueled by creatine and heavy lifting regimens.

Go check out SS for yourself and use the discount code SPEED15 for 15% off your order. Click here to shop the system.

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