‘I’d drop his ass right there on the range’ said PGA TOUR pro and wannabe WWE wrestler Grayson Murray

Kevin Na and Grayson Murray don’t like each other.

And, if you didn’t know already, Kevin Na is a slowwwwwww golfer, even with his penchant to walk-in putts like a boss. (We’ll give him that.)

Here’s a little background into why Na and Murray won’t be playing together in the Zurich anytime soon.

Back in January, Murray commented on a Tweet from Golf Channel’s Chantel McCabe. In the tweet, McCabe wrote: “Kevin Na walking in putts does not get old.” Obviously feeling the need to respond, Murray commented: “Kevin Na taking 3 minutes to putt them does get old.” Na fired back with a tweet “U missing the cut is getting old!” Both good points. But why air the beef on Twitter?

Now, fast forward to this wee’s TOUR event, the Mexico Open. 

According to Murray, Na started yelling all sorts of shit at him while on the range. In front of coaches. Caddies. The media. Fellow players. The range attendant. Manolo. A whole hackle of hanger-oners.

“I was hitting balls on the range, and just kind of had my head down walking to the chipping green,” Murray stated. “Sure enough, I hear someone yelling and cussing at me.”

Grayson explained he wasn’t having any of it and addressed Kevin as a man should. Short golfer to shorter golfer.

“I went right up to his face and held my ground, and I told him, if I wasn’t going to get suspended right now I’d drop his ass right there on the range.”

Tough guy stuff.

Damn, that would have been wild to see. Grayson hacked, “It was a very immature thing to say four months later, and to do it on the range, which he knows is his safe spot, he knows that I’m not going to do anything to him, he’s just provoking me.”

Come on dudes in pressed pants. Love one another!

We’ll have to wait and see what happens next. Today Na said the whole ordeal is behind him. But that Twitter is an addictive bird and these guys are a bad round or two away from likely losing their online shit again. Tweet. Tweet!

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