When you have a minute…9/1/22 – 9/15/22

Random stuff we found on the interweb. Enjoy.


Life is good for Rickie. Just wait until he starts piping it again. And not on LIV, please.

And on cue…


That a kid!

We’re now even bigger fans of Shot Scope…


We aren’t fans of Michelob Ultra. And trick shots aren’t really our thing either. But this is cool.

@colinmccarthygolf Replying to @Mikey Moyers this can wasn’t as cool so redo — Took a few tries 🤙 #fyp #golf #golftiktok ♬ No Stylist – Instrumental – Finesse God


We get it. But don’t toss the clubs, just break a shaft or two. Less expensive than having to buy another set in a few weeks when you get to itching again…



This had to make some LIV blowhards laugh a little…



Simple answer: Yes. All.


She’s passing on the tip and going straight for the golf-ego juggler



Manolo knows golf. And how to trim a nasty beard.



In front of hundreds of fans, Patrick Reed got to celebrate with friends teammates Norman’s cronies.

Reed, Perez and Hooch have this guy to thank for the rake they’ve pulled so far in LIV team comps.

Oh Captain, my Captain!


Let’s gooooooo!


Who doesn’t want to see a world-class shit show?

We’re not even thinking about the LIV stuff — just the quality of his game right now.

82-82 = 20 over. That kind of performance will wipe the grin off of any 5 handicapper.

Talented? Yes.

Dumbass. Ugh, hell yes!


What, no invite? Just because we hate on you. Shallow.

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