When you have a minute…10/1/22 – 10/15/22

Random stuff we found on the interweb. Enjoy.


From the vault…this is great.

Impossible not to like these guys, especially Hideki.

Last year, Hideki won the ZOZO Championship, which is being played this week in his home country of Japan. How about a repeat? Let’s goooooo!


F-birds flying around everywhere at Let It Rip G.C.


I can relate to the guy on the other tee box (Via IG/pozzy96) #golf #golftok #golftiktok

♬ original sound – ziregolf


Might be time to fire the greenskeeper…


No need for coffee today

We’ve got next

No wonder gas is so expensive


Wooooot! FireBallsGC won this weekend’s member-member


Someone has to win the costume contest.


We miss the big cat 🙁



CPG plays by his own set of rules; and we love it!


Life before ball every day of the week…


From the vault (meaning we missed this on Sunday). How lucky is Noren?

Great article here about what this special bounce may mean to his 2023 tourney schedule, including earning spots in the majors. World’s greatest golf break? Right up there for sure.


Oh, Emiliano, you nasty boy! You silent ass-assin.

At least you don’t have to pay for a new 9-iron, like how the rest of us “tempermentals’ would have to.

Full story here.

Boys and their toys…

We all need to give this a shot!

A man of many talents. Least of which are drinking, singing, grippin’ and rippin’.


Safety first!

Well, at least he can laugh at himself…d-bag…


What’s your go-to excuse?

Ok, there is no excuse good enough to keep us from hitting toe-deep divots at least once a week. Never. Weddings, kids’ soccer games, ass-rash, nothing. Players play.

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