Our Top Recommendations for How to Have More Fun Playing Golf

Not all of these ideas are relevant to you and your fragile psyche; but hey, when you hit a mental rut and stop loving the game of golf as much as you feel you should, give these recommendations a try.

In no particular order…

  1. Drink
  2. Play games (Here’s a good list)
  3. Gamble
  4. Don’t lose when you gamble
  5. If you know the pace of play is going to suck, skip it
  6. If you know the greens are going to suck, skip it
  7. Wear funny socks. Everyone plays better in funny socks
  8. Commando. Let’s ’em breathe
  9. Get your company to pay for it, and the drinks
  10. Sneak on
  11. Don’t keep score
  12. Breakfast balls off the first tee — hell, every tee
  13. Auto 2-putts
  14. Bogeys or better (once you hit that mark, pick it up)
  15. Music. Lots and lots of music. We recommend country or 90’s Rap, but all music is good music, especially while listening to it while playing golf
  16. Don’t suck at golf
  17. Unless you’re a 16 yr. old phenom or Iron Byron, warm up properly or at least hit a couple of dozen balls on the range and a handful of putts. Your score will say “thank you”
  18. Theragun anything that hurts
  19. Ben Gay
  20. Wear comfortable shoes
  21. Walk, at least the front 9
  22. Don’t eat spicy food the night before
  23. Play for 2 hours, then quit
  24. Never play with the in-laws
  25. Stop bitching. It’s golf. Have fun ding-dong.

This guy created a PC video with some great tips too!

Play more golf if you can. And enjoy the walk, the ride, the drinks, the camaraderie, the challenge, the game, the sport, the sun, the breeze, whatever. Whenever. Forever.

Just get out and PLAY!!!

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