Small Man, Big Rippers: Justin Thomas – The Match VII Victor

Is JT the best driver of the ball in golf? Under pressure, the answer just may be yes!

JT and Spieth showed Rory and the Goat who were the bosses this weekend in The Match VII, winning the made-for-TV, under-the-lights, best-ball fundraiser 3 and 2. And JT and Spieth let the old(er) guard know how much it meant to them to best the two greatest players of their respective generations.

Now, do the besties beat Rors and Tiger when Tiger is feeling 100% and swinging for the fences ala vintage Tiger, no. But sadly we may never see Tiger like that again.

However, we will see JT playing like a Top 10 player in the world for many, many years to come.

In this golf tip video, JT shares his swing/set-up philosophy for hitting solid rippers off the tee.

Listen up peeps. It’s a pretty simple tip, and no reader out there drives it as well as the mic’d-up, diminutive superstar. No one, unless Rory and Dj are reading.

5’9″, 135 pounds, dripping wet

If you missed it, check out the highlights from Saturday night’s The Match VII

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