The Art of Putting – Augusta National-Style

Anyone who has ever watched The Masters on TV or in person (how about playing it!) knows that Augusta National’s greens are ridiculously slick and undulating. The greatest test of putting known to man, woman, child, and everything else that moves on Earth.

So what are our five top tips for putting the toughest of tough greens? Here you go:

  1. Be creative. Putts with huge undulations can be played in a number of different ways. Firm. Die the ball into the hole. Use every slope available to you. Have some fun.
  2. Two two-putts are always better than one one-putt and one three-putt. Less stress. Pick and choose when you are aggressive. Set a goal for your round of having no three-putts. Your blood pressure will thank you.
  3. Take a breath and commit to your line. Stay committed. Always.
  4. You aren’t holding a live snake, your holding a fine instrument. Maintain a consistent, light(er) grip.
  5. Learn as you go. After a few holes, you should (hopefully) have a decent feel for the speed of the greens. If you can’t dial in the speed early, say a prayer and have a few barley pops. It could be a long day…

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