Cross-handed chipping & pitching by Fitz – RBC Champion, Matt Fitzpatrick

Start chipping like this with your buds the next time you guys tee it up and you’ll be the belle of the ball. Fitz is the only top-flight pro we know that uses a cross-handed chip/pitch action. He’s also the reigning US Open and RBC Champion. Maybe others should follow suit.

Reasons to use this technique:

  • If it works, why the hell not?
  • It minimizes excessive hinging which helps with distance control
  • It shallows out your path, which helps with picking the ball off tight lies for cleaner strikes
  • It helps with keeping the clubface squarer, longer
  • It forces you to turn your chest, back and through which is a GOOD thing unless you love chunking, duffing and skulling
  • Fitz does it. And he wins

Give this technique a try. At least during a practice session. You never know…

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