Got a minute? Enjoy a quick golf laugh — 4/16/23 – 4/30/23 Edition

Random stuff we found on the interweb. Enjoy.


Dunk City

My man. Happy bday Big John


Shit. Easy $$$ 🤡



Not sure if we’re ever gonna get used to hearing “shotgun” and OWGR points in the same presser. But hey, no one invited us, so, hard to relate.

6’3” can of whoop ass


How we feel after a chip-in


This might be a distraction

How juicy is this? #allthefeels


Billy Goat Gooch’s Hooch

“I f’ing love you, man!”

Look good. Feel good.


Here comes the circus


Who’s the Kim fella and how can I get his job? Averages 78 on the LIV Tour. Guaranteed $ no matter how hard he shards himself.

Why does the guy need to stink up his nice shoes?

LIV, Stinkier Than the Other Tour.

Justtttt a bit outside. Nerves?


Not good. Not at all 😢

Wet Woody


Dirty. No, filthy!

Rikki, let’s ride!


A lot is being made out of rules breakers giving/receiving advice on the course, specifically centered around finding out what clubs competitors are hitting. Call it whatever you want, but sneaking peeks or coming right out and asking which # was pulled is analogous to when I cheated in Microeconomics 102. When I was peeking, I was cheating. Can’t debate that, can ya’.


Ass. Dumb.

Uh, bad lie? Or, good luck?

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