Golf Social – 7th Edition

Random stuff we found on the interweb. Enjoy.


Father-son goals 💀

This is what 2.16M in the bank and a 2nd place finish feels like for Rory.

Not too smooth. Lol




This just put the F into WTF

Filthy lil’ Brit


I had nearly forgotten about this moment in time. Thanks to Insta, will never be able to now. #durdyburds

Fore left

Not nice.

Two sexy dudes ready to bring it at the US Open today


Zippity doo dah at LACC…


So he’s human. Sometimes.

Hole in One. And we saw it up close and live. 💥💰⛳️

Saw this live too. Woot!



Let’s goooooo! Literally. See ya at LACC tomorrow.

No shit Sherlock

Best golf ad ever


Been there. Done this.

US Open rough ain’t a joke this week. An out of control Brillo pad of WTF

This tweet makes me want to sleep in.


What’s your move if this is your golf bag? 👀

US Open is going deep!

Back on the PGA tour $100M richer 💰

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