Brazen thieves steal more than $120,000 worth of golf clubs in under 5 minutes

Two thieves in February (Breaking Report!) reportedly stole over $120,000 worth of golf clubs from a Roger Dunn store in CA. We hear they only took stiff-shafted clubs. Big muscles. Big balls. Small brains.

Watch the heist of the year here:

This after-hours smash-and-grab of the Roger Dunn Golf Shop in Newbury Park, CA. showcases the ridiculous but effective nature of golf retail break-ins. After shattering the glass front door, these two amateur burglars (who may or may not love LIV) dashed to the back of the store to the wall of the highest-priced drivers and fairway woods. They placed a parachute-sized blanket on the floor and piled in nearly 300 clubs, somehow carrying it out without dropping any of the stiffies.

Retail value, $120,000.

Under one arm in barely five minutes.

We also eyed a Rickie Fowler/Wyndham Clark Versa Jailbird in the video. These guys were looking to make a quick buck and improve their “Shots Gained – Putting” stats. Multi-taskers.

Hopefully, these thugs and others like them are dumb enough to try and sell their stolen goods on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay. When they get caught, and they mostly always do, in addition to time spent in jail and paying back the stores what is owed to them, they should have to fill divots at every muni within 25 miles of where they are now serving out home detention. Lots and lots of divots.

Just don’t be the guy who buys a new Scotty for $100 from the other guy in Newbury Park, CA.

More on this story and a deeper dive into the thug golf life from Golf Digest. Real journalism. Here.

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