Best Putters – 2023 Edition

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As we edge deeper into 2023, it’s the perfect time for golfers everywhere to reassess their equipment, especially the all-important putter. This essential piece of gear can make or break your game on the green, and that’s why we’ve prepared this comprehensive review of the best putters lined up for the year ahead.

Our selection includes the Scotty Super Select Newport, TM Spider GTX, Odyssey TriHot Double Wide, Cleveland Frontline Elite RHO, and Wilson Staff Model BL 22. Each of these standout putters brings unique features and advantages to the table, promising to enhance control, improve alignment, and boost confidence when it matters most.

Best Golf Putters 2023

Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport putter

Reviewed by Jack Backhouse

When has anyone’s first impressions of a Scotty Cameron been at all bad? This putter screams extreme quality as soon as you get your eyes on it, and then that feeling is backed up when you first get it in your hands. I think the new I-Beam neck design looks great, and I personally prefer the silver dots on the back of the head compared to classic red.

I love that Scotty Cameron don’t overdesign the putters and keep them really simple. The blade putters look great and have done for many years, so there’s no point in making changes for change’s sake.

There are some subtle differences between this year’s Super Select model and last year’s Special Select. The new I-Beam neck design has allowed them to save weight and move it closer to the head’s perimeter, making it more forgiving.

The cavity dots on the back of the face have also had a slight upgrade; they’re now larger, meaning there is less weight in the centre of the putter and more near the edges. This doesn’t really sound like an upgrade, but as amateurs are not the most consistent ball strikers, it’s actually a good deal.

I had great fun testing the new Newport. I was practically skipping around the green at the Titleist Performance Centre at Woburn, knocking in 5 and 6-footers for fun. I don’t often think about the sound a putter strike makes, but everything about it was brilliant.


  • It’s a Scotty Cameron
  • Remarkably forgiving on off-centre hits
  • The silver dots give it a quality feel


  • There are no downsides

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter

Reviewed by Jack Backhouse

It’s hard to find fault in the aesthetics of the Spider GTX putter. It sits extremely square, and the contrasting colors make it super easy to line up. It won’t help you make more putts, but I love how the grip color matches the head color too.

Straight off the bat, I really like how the GTX putter looks. It has fairly soft edges, but the sharply contrasting colors make it really easy to point the putter at your desired start line. I certainly felt that inside 10ft, I could aim the putter much more accurately.

The big change from last season is the stability bar that TaylorMade has put on the back of the GTX. The 154-gram steel bar adds a ton of weight to the back of the putter, moving CoG backwards and making the putter much more forgiving.

This backwards weight position felt very different to me, almost like it made me add loft or hit up on the ball more. I did, however, notice how little the face rotates on misstrikes and how well the ball rolls out, which is a big win for golfers.

This is a great putter, and I had loads of fun testing it. After 5 minutes of using it, you almost relax as the sweet spot is so big you don’t have to worry about the strike and instead can focus more on line or speed. If you are a face-balanced fan, you should definitely have a go with one!


  • Hugely forgiving
  • Easy to line up
  • Contact feels soft


  • No thin grip standard options

Odyssey Tri Hot 5k Double Wide Putter

Reviewed by Jack Backhouse

Right out of the gate, I love this putter. What’s not to like? There’s the White Hot insert that we know performs so well, the stroke lab shaft, which is stiffer than before for more stability, and a newly designed grip which feels fantastic.

The whole design of the putter has a super high-quality feel to it. You can even buy different material removable weights for the sole to change the balance and swing weight of the putter, which is a brilliant option for golfers.

The big story with the new Odyssey Tri hot 5k putters is how forgiving they are. Odyssey have positioned massive amounts of tungsten at the front of the putter in the toe and the heel to move the CG forwards and improve levels of forgiveness.

If you are a player that loves this blade design but wants that face balance technology to suit your stroke, Odyssey have released the Triple Wide Tri Hot 5k putter, which has a double bend neck and will service your needs perfectly.


  • Very square behind the ball
  • Forward centre of gravity feels solid at impact
  • High MOI means miss hits perform really well


  • None!

TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 putter

Reviewed by Nicola Slater

The M47 is the smallest mallet putter in the new TP Reserve line and offers that hybrid between a blade and a mallet for those players who want a little more forgiveness than a blade without having a hefty mallet. The M47 also has the widest topline of the three mallet heads.

Initially, I was unsure about the lack of alignment line on the top line but I actually found it really easy to start the ball on line without this. I think the deeper cavity in the middle section of the putter helps with this as it allows you to frame the golf ball nicely.

The new TP Reserve putters are milled from 303 stainless steel, and feel more art than science. Each putter is individually milled, which takes around forty-five minutes for one engineer to complete, this is a very labor-intensive process to deliver the detail and finish you expect from this type of putter. Some of the detailing is so fine that you can’t actually see it with the human eye alone.

Overall, I think that the TP Reserve M47 is a great putter and definitely something that I am considering putting in play. If you are after a classic looking mid-mallet design this is a really good option.


  • Amazing detail
  • Classic sleek design
  • Premium leather headcover
  • Soft feel off the face


  • No alignment aid on the top line

Cleveland Frontline Elite RHO putter

Reviewed by Nicola Slater

As putters go, this one looks pretty good. The black head mallet head certainly suited my eye, and the large white alignment strip seems a great addition for golfers of all abilities.

Cleveland has seriously gone to town with the technology in this putter. One of the first major changes Cleveland has made is the upgraded Tungsten SOFT face plate. This face weight moves the putter’s centre of gravity forward. Doing this allows the putter to move along a smaller arch, meaning those mishits are more controlled. Additional weights are at the base of the putter, they can be removed or changed, and counterbalance weights beneath the grip have been added.

The Cleveland Frontline Elite RHO is offered in two different variations, the Slant Neck and this one which is the Single Bend. The difference is that this putter favors those with straighter strokes. As I fall into this category of golfer, I really got on with this putter. In addition, a Lampkin Sinkfit Pistol grip is used, which being oversized, helps to keep the hands quiet yet maintain stability in the stroke.

Overall, look no further if you’re a golfer with a fairly straight back and through stroke looking for a little bit more forgiveness from a putter. The Cleveland Frontline Elite RHO Single Bend certainly offers plenty of tech for its price tag!


  • Looks great
  • Easy to line up
  • Hardwearing grip


  • Headcover not overly secure

Wilson Staff Model BL22 putter

Reviewed by Jack Backhouse

This putter feels special. When you take the head cover off, and get a view of the precision milling, you get a feel for how much thought has been put into designing it. The design is so clean and elegant you almost don’t want to hit putts with it, but rather hang it above the fireplace at home.

Building a blade putter is harder than you think, as there will always be an army of traditionalists looking to critique what you put out there. The traditionalists are going to have a very hard time finding anything wrong with the BL22.

Once I had gotten over how nice the BL22 is to look at, I started hitting some short putts with it. I found it really easy to line up as all the lines and details of the putter sit very square. I vary between using a line on the ball and not, and either way I found it easy to point at the hole and knocked a lot of short ones in.

Moving onto longer putts and I felt like the forged 304 stainless steel head was quite soft, and I didn’t feel like the ball was coming off too fast which is sometimes what I see with heavier-headed putters. The face has quite an aggressive milling which is supposed to help get a better roll on the putts.

You won’t very easily find a better-looking blade putter on the market, and it’s more reasonably priced than the other brands in this same market. If you’re looking to update or upgrade your blade you absolutely must give this a go, you will not be disappointed.


  • Beautifully shaped
  • Clean and not over branded
  • Feedback from the putter is top notch


  • The grip doesn’t feel to match the quality of the rest of the putter.

Best Golf Putters 2023

In conclusion, the Scotty Super Select Newport, TM Spider GTX, Odyssey TriHot Double Wide, Cleveland Frontline Elite RHO, and Wilson Staff Model BL 22 stand as the top contenders for the best putters in 2023.

Each of these putters showcases superior design, impressive performance, and unique features that are sure to help you lower your scores. The perfect putter depends on your individual style and preferences, but rest assured, these models offer a diverse range to choose from.

Remember, a successful putt often means the difference between victory and defeat, so investing in the right putter could be your ticket to triumph on the greens in the coming year.

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