How to Handle Ryder Cup Pressure – with Padraig Harrington

Paddy knows a little something about handling pressure on the golf course. He persevered and won three majors, and played in six consecutive Ryder Cups between 1999 and 2010, with his team winning four and only losing twice.

In this video, he shares his process for staying focused and making sure his pre-shot routine is consistent.

Ryder Cup pressure is no joke. Imagine spending three straight days with your heart beating 130-150 beats a minute, butt puckered and whistling with every step, and trying to hit fairways and greens and making every four-footer you look at. Making 25-footers isn’t where the stress lives. It lives between 3-5 ft. and can crush the soul and psyche of even the strongest competitors. Just look at Tiger’s Ryder Cup record: 13-21-3. He’s the goat of all goats and that pressure got to him and his partners more times than not!

Thanks Paddy for sharing your tips!

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