Scottie Scheffler teaches us all how to hit ripping duck hooks!

Who here hasn’t needed to hit a butt pucker hooking utility or iron shot because, well, the previous shot they hit ended up deep in the lettuce left of left? We’re raising our hands.

Watch the video below and remember even the best-of-the-best hit shots like the rest-of-the-rest at times.

We’ve seen Scottie hit terrible shots in person, just like you and me. Check out his tee shot on #10 at Riv from earlier this year at the Genesis. This thing of beauty went volunteer ankle hunting.

But what Scheff’s able to do is save his score by hitting “miracle” recovery shots, ala Tiger and Seve before him.

Check out his tips on how to hit the good kind of duck hook. And make sure to practice this shot on the range before you whip it out on the course. ☠️☠️☠️

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