Tom Watson shares how to fight the nerves and hit a solid driver off the first tee

Tom Watson, winner of eight Major championships, a competitor in four Ryder Cups (3 wins, 1 tie) and Captain in two (1 win, 1 embarrassing loss), knows a thing or two about dealing with the stress of hitting the all-important, round-setting tee shot off #1.

He shares two simple tips in this video. But I’m surprised he didn’t share three. We know he has three. His third tip, which I’ve heard him refer to in other articles and videos, involves having good breath.

The tip: chew gum. Good ol’ fashioned gum. Get the jaw moving.

In recent years we’ve all seen Tiger and Mickeldick chew gum throughout their rounds. We’re guessing the gum many of the younger guys are chewing on tour today isn’t made by the same company that produced Tom’s favorite flavor back in his prime. Today’s gum contains extra-special ingredients that make you feel warm and fuzzy and alleviate foot and ego pain.

Give Tom’s tips a go. And pick up some gum. Any gum.

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