10 Tips to Make More Putts Inside of 10 Feet

If you want to lower your scores and spend the least amount of time practicing, then spend the time you do have practicing your putting, especially putts inside of 10 feet. It’s as simple as that. We’ve aggregated our 10 favorite tips to help you make more shorties.

Stay committed. Stay focused. And practice!

Our Top 10 Tried & Tested Putting Tips to Make More Short Putts:

  • Maintain light grip pressure throughout your stroke. If you choke your grip, you’ll choke your putt.
  • Work on your chipping/pitching and lag putts. Your goal should always be to leave yourself inside of five feet. The closer you leave yourself from the hole, the higher the percentage you’ll make your next putt.
  • Putt to a target, and most times, that’s not the hole. Most putts break, so play for it. Visualize the ball starting at your target and curving into the middle or break-side of the cup.
  • Spend some practice time not looking up during your stroke. Take a couple of practice strokes, place your putter down behind the ball, commit to your target (high-side of break), close your eyes, and putt it. Open your eyes when you hear the ball hit the bottom of the cup.
  • Commit to practicing your speed control. A good rule of thumb is that you want your ball to roll out 12 inches past the hole.
  • Putting drills/contests — compete against yourself or compete against a buddy. The more pressure you practice under the less pressure you’ll feel on the course. Click for examples.
  • More shoulders, less hands. You want your stroke to feel like you’re rocking your shoulders back and forth versus just using your hands to make the stroke.
  • Keep your head still. If need be, have a friend hold a club or alignment stick on your head while you practice a few putts so you get the “feel” of what it’s like to keep your head 100% still.
  • Hold your finish. Your putting stroke doesn’t end at the ball and it shouldn’t “feel” like it does too. Your stroke should “feel” like it ends once the ball is 12+ inches from the spot the ball laid before you took your stroke.
  • The stroke should “feel” like your backstroke and through-stroke are roughly the same length. Usually the backstroke will be slightly shorter, but we are shooting here for a “feel.” Rember to hold that finish.

A few instruction videos we’ve curated for you:

Rickie & Butch share a few tips

Butch shares one of our favorite tips…

Matt Ballard shares his tips to alleviate tension in your stroke (BREATHE!)

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