A Golf Tip & History Lesson: How to Avoid Shanks with Michael “Blockie” Block

If you aren’t familiar with the name Michael “Blockie” Block, you don’t follow golf. And by “follow golf,” we’re saying you never watch it, read about it, listen to golf podcasts, gossip with buds on the back-nine, hell, even bet on the sport. Not knowing who Blockie is would be an under-a-rock-level of not paying attention to what happens on the PGA TOUR and in the majors.

Seriously, is there anyone in the golf world who hasn’t seen the Block Party in action? If you’re reading this post right now, you know the answer. Blockie’s 15 minutes of fame will last a lifetime. And golf is better for it!

A refresher: He famously finished 15th in the 2023 PGA Championship, ensuring he will play in the PGA Championship again in ’24. While finishing 15th, he went toe-to-toe with Justin Rose and Rory McIlroy on Saturday and Sunday of the event, holding his own, and famously hit the golf shot of the year on his 15th hole Sunday — he dunked his tee-shot on the par-3 15th at Oak Hill. Mother f’ing slam dunk baby. Jim Nantz called the shot, Rory hugged him moments after the shot went in, and the fans went bat shi* crazy. He finished his round with incredible up and downs including one on 18 that mesmerized everyone in attendance and watching on TV. Really cool stuff. You could argue that more golf fans will remember that Michael Block finished 15th at the PGA than who eventually won the event (hint, he’s buff and LIV’s the good life).

Interestingly, along the way to finishing 15th in the 2nd major of the 2023 season, Block hit what most would consider the worst shot of the week made by anyone playing in the event. Yes. During the 2nd round, he cold shanked his tee-shot on the par 3 5th, eventually making a double bogey.

So how did Blockie who was playing lights out at the time hit such a crap pile shot? Well, even the best golfers in the world hit skankers and shankers every now and then. Block owned up to the shot after the round and shared his insights into why/how he hit a shank, and how he teaches his students to fix their swings when the shanks appear. Watch the video below (WARNING: YOU’LL HAVE TO WATCH HIS SHANK!), and check out the video we drop underneath it. Pure magic.


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