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Justin Thomas Pranks a Group of Fans After Ryder Cup Dinner

Justin Thomas couldn't help himself from having some fun with a group of fans who were mingling outside the restaurant that hosted a dinner...

Next Time You Tee It Up – Play for More Than Pride!

Golf is fun. But competing while golfing -- for a beer, an Andrew Jackson, car slips, heck for anything -- makes the game that...

A Naked Woman Drives Her Golf Cart Straight into a Florida Standoff

A 28-year-old woman was arrested in Florida after she allegedly drove a golf cart through a standoff between police and an armed teenager, while...

Classic Phil

Phil doesn't mind being a little cheesy, he never has. In classic Phil fashion, he teamed up with Amstel Light and the results were...

Do as Paige Does: HOW TO SWING IT

Here’s a “beginner” instruction video featuring one of the hottest/most popular/self-promoting influencers on the interweb. Thanks Paige!

The Lefty & Husky vs. The Hefty & Vanilla Ice

Our $ is on Phil & Dahmen, but only if Phil is hitting bombs that land on turf and not in Hudson Bay. Fore!

This Was Awesome! @K_Kisner

Hey Kiz. If it were up to us, Captain Stricker will be picking you for the Ryder Cup. Team USA could definitely use some of that sweet ol' Georgia moxie you bring every week. Good luck!

Baron’s Got Balls…and Passion

Feeling the passion from Doug Baron

This is Bananas – Baseball Player Walks to Plate with Caddie, Clubs and All

Josh Lavender takes the plate with a range finder, caddie, and a whole set clubs. It looks like he opted for his 3 wood lol. Solid choice!

Kevin Heart & Snoop Dogg’s Golf Commentary is Pure Gold 😂

The Best Commentary of the 2021 Olympics

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