Club Pro Guy’s Open Kimono Book of Swing Thoughts is Finally Here

Some of our favorite CPG’s Swing Thoughts featured in his sure-to-be Dollar Store best seller:

  • Thumbs up 7-UP.
  • Hold on tight.
  • Let it go.
  • The club is a snake.
  • Left elbow points towards mama’s house.
  • My wrist is a bowl of soup.
  • You’re giving a high-fve.
  • Scratch that itch.
  • Turn around a stick up your ass.
  • Step on the Coke can.
  • To hit a draw, make your elbows see-saw.
  • Check the watch. Hold it. Now it’s go time.
  • You’re inside a jar of honey.
  • Don’t go right, don’t go right, don’t go right… FUCK!

And our personal favorite: Face down, ass up!

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