Easy Golf Tips to Keep Your Game Hot in the Cooler Months

First off, if you wake up early for a fall/winter round of golf with your buds, and you find yourself contemplating going back to bed because it’s a wee bit chilly outside, slap yourself, hard, and kick a door, hard’ish, and quit being a wimpy wimp. Go golf your ball and golf it well.

Our 7 tips for playing your best and enjoying your day on the links when the temps dip and clouds move in:

  • Layer up with a vest. Our favorites right now are made by Turtleson, a great golf and lifestyle brand based out of Tennessee. The two vests being pulled out of the closet most frequently: the Steele and the Fusion. Unless it’s pissin’ rain outside, leave your Gore-Tex rain jacket at home.
  • Take more club on every full shot and swing at 90% (see below).
  • Replace your grips. New grips have more tact. And you’ll need it when your hands start to get cold. You can never go wrong with Golf Pride. Check out the Tour Velvet, the #1 chord grip on the PGA TOUR.
  • Enjoy a few hot toddies. 1/ They’ll help you stay warm. 2/ They’ll help you stay happy.
  • Reset your expectations. As temps dip, your scores naturally will go up. And that’s ok. Really.
  • Move up a tee. It’s not wimpy to move up. It’s smart golf and you’ll play faster, which is what you should try and do always, especially when a cold breeze is slapping your red cheeks.

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