From the Vault: Tiger and Butch talk about proper putter grip pressure (lighter than you think!)

First off, watch the video lesson below featuring a young, confident Tiger talk about his philosophy on putting grip pressure, and who helped to shape his approach. It’s a great story.

A personal approach…When I shook my dad’s hand, he’d squeeze all of the blood out of it. Seriously, my hand would hurt. When I practice putting, especially grip pressure, I often think of that scenario for some reason.

What I try do when I putt is to hold the putter as lightly as I can and still maintain control of the grip end of the club – letting my wrists slightly break back and through, never gripping the putter tight enough to feel any contraction in my forearms. With a softer, stable grip, you can let the putter head do most of the work once you’ve picked out your line.

After you make the winning putt and shake your opponent’s hand, squeeze hard and look him/her in the eyes. Just like dad would do.  

Watch the video below. Practice your craft on the putting green. And then take what you’ve learned out on the course.

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