Max Homa Wins Farmers! So we’re sharing his drill for keeping his club & swing path on plane

If you don’t know what a swing plane is, read up.

For those of you who are versed, here’s an easy drill to do on the range to help stay on plane with your takeaway. Also, you can use a mirror or a window in your backyard to work on your swing plane and establish a “feel” for where the club should travel on the way back in relation to your target and your alignment.

If this shit is just too advanced, then just go out and grip, rip, and sip.

Thanks Max for sharing your drill. And congrats on PGA TOUR victory #6. Woot!

If you’re really nerdy and want to know what Max has been working on with his coach, Mark Blackburn, check out this video. And make sure to have a dictionary handy (or that Google thing). More on Mark here.

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