The PGA Tour Will Survive

How do we know the PGA Tour will come out on top vs LIV?

Final Tour Championship Leaderboard

Orange = a current Tour star

Green = not jumping to LIV, at least yet

LIV will produce some great golf from some great golfers. Still, the Bedminister Open and other LIV events (whatever they’re called) will never beat out the Players, Arnie’s event, Genesis, Memorial, the FedEX Cup playoffs, and half a dozen other tourneys on the PGA Tour where legacy-building memories and overall cache is concerned.

And for those out there saying that team golf is the difference maker with fans. We agree. It is. But those events already exist and are called the Presidents Cup, Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup, Curtis Cup, Walker Cup, heck, even college and HS golf. Spots on each of those teams are earned.

Unlike the Aces vs. Addicts.

Oh, and this guy. Who we are banking on seeing more of on Tour in 2023. And definitely in 2024. He is Mr. PGA Tour. Not to be confused with the emasculated Captain America who’s suing the Golf Channel and the Tour and likely your neighbor’s dog.

Tiger came along after Arnie and Jack and helped incite the Tour’s worldwide popularity and its current roster of events, playoffs, and bonus pools.

And we believe that in his heart he knows helping the PGA Tour fend off LIV will be his biggest legacy of all. Tiger. F’ing. Woods.

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