When you have a minute…6/1/22 – 6/15/22

Random stuff we found on the interweb. Enjoy. (6/15)


Good guess?


How much free time does this guy have?



Linn Grant showed out at the Scandinavian Mixed. She won by a Tiger-esque 9-stroke margin.

And that swing and smile. Let’s gooooooo! Win some majors now LG!


Boys and their toys


This guy has the grace and balance of a world champion Canadian ice dancer.


CPG social having a WEEK!

For the most part, 50% of his posts are funny. 50% duds.

But this one is 200% certified laugh-out-loud-and-peed-a-little funny.

Love the LIV tag!


Oh CPG, you rascal you.

Pissing off the USGA as only CPG could do. Our 3-faves:

  • Breakfast ball
  • Inappropriate, likely “working girl” caddie
  • “Good-good?”


Everyone loves a sHOwoff!

Golfing with friends can be dangerous.


We’d pay good money to see this one.


Tighten your belt, finish your Claw and tee it lower…

@zire_golf I would still somehow hit a slice (Via TW/zwireless) #golf #golftok #golftiktok ♬ original sound – ziregolf



Paulina’s gots to eat!


Honestly, we like Sneds shot better. The other guy probably practiced his jumpshot for 2 hours. Sneds just stepped up and pro’d his flipper pitch on his first take

Regripping season is here.

AUGUSTA! What have you done?

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