When you have a minute…9/16/22 – 9/30/22

Random stuff we found on the interweb. Enjoy.


If 90 is a big deal, how about the first time you make 70 your bitc?


This will never get old. Congrats to both of the teams that competed last week.


Oh Sungjae. You big stud you. Count us in as a big fans now we’ve seen this performance, and, how you played in the Prez Cup. Big Fans!


Umm, there’s more than a few vanity handicaps in this list.

We see you Donald, Joe and Gerald with your sharp pencils and new erasers.

Baller. We be thinking Spieth’s gonna have a Spieth-like 2023. Green jacket and big trophies kind-of-year.


He’s played better, for sure. Quail Hollow is just too big a course for this short-hitting Georgian. Yee-haw. Burp.

Puff the Magic Dragon…

If you didn’t know by now who won the Presidents Cup, this tweet should give it away.



Superstars shank too. Just less often, and with a bunch of spectators wondering, “WTF was that.”


  1. No way the US loses
  2. No way Spieth doesn’t drain bombs

“Hi fellas!”


We never…


We’re calling BS. Whatever Tiger does get, it ain’t the same feeling the rest of us mortals experience.


Adam’s look. Black socks. Black shoes. Real man’s calves. All the feels.

And give some credit to the “belly” putter too. It just works.


Here’s Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumber. Dumber. And Dumbest.

Who needs a Scotty anyway? lol

Speaking of Scottys


Oh Phil, you LIV stud muffin.

I want to see the duck hook that placed him on the path.

Damn…we almost feel sorry for him.


Why wouldn’t they? Classy…


That’s a nice little prize! Dude was lucky…

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